Ship-To-Ship Transfers (STS)

All Ship-to-ship (STS) transfers conducted and performed by Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd are completed in accordance with the latest ICS/OCIMF guidelines. The STS management team consists of vessel Masters, pilots and the STS Advisors.

     The overall control of an STS operation lies with the Master of each vessel involved. STS Advisors are responsible for ensuring a safe and co-ordinated STS transfer. Most Ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations are conducted in three main phases;


Phase One:
Approach and Mooring of the Mother and Daughter Ships

     The approach phase begins when the service vessel proceeds to the general area where the mother vessel is waiting. All approaches, manoeuvring and anchoring will be conducted in consultation with the Lightering Master. All berthing and un-berthing is subject to and necessarily dependant upon the prevailing weather conditions and is at the discretion of the Marine STS Advisor and Harbour Pilot. As the mother vessel approaches the designated anchorage area she will manoeuvre to suit the local tidal conditions and drop anchor appropriately. Once the mother vessel is anchored support vessels will approach and transfer equipment, fenders and personnel. Pre-mooring, each vessel shall confirm that all items in the designated checklists have been checked and verified. The STS Advisor shall advise both Masters of the mooring arrangements to be used based on the vessel size. The daughter ship will approach the mother vessel and manoeuvre alongside with tug assistance.


Phase Two:
The Transfer Phase

     The overall control and charge of operations will be maintained by the Captain of the Mother Ship. Our Lightering Master will oversee the transfer. The transfer will be managed by tanker staff. Pre-transfer the two vessels will, in consultation with the STS Advisor, agree to a cargo transfer plan that identifies start-up procedures, flow rates, communications, topping off and stripping arrangements and complete all necessary checklists.


Phase Three:
Post Transfer Phase

     Un-mooring of the two vessels should be conducted as directed by the Lightering Master. Mooring lines should be cast off in an agreed sequence.

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